Donations & Sponsorships

Arts teachers at Hartford High, like those in many underfunded schools, often have to dip into their own family budgets to buy supplies for the students. With your help the HPHS ’71 Class Gift will create an endowment that will provide hundreds of dollars annually to support music and all art programs for years into the future.

We already have participation by the members of the reunion planning committee, with nearly $5,000 pledged so far, but we hope to get more from the rest of our classmates. Please give as generously as you can, but the size of the gift is not important as your support, at any level.

One of our classmates has pledged $2,000 as a matching gift. So each of you who pledges a donation for any amount from this point forward will have your money doubled.

The endowment will be held by the Hartford Public High School Alumni Association, Inc., which also invests the other funds provided over the decades to support the scholarships and prizes awarded each year at commencement.

How to Contribute

Anyone interested in making a contribution to the Class Gift should contact Maria Simao at [email protected]